Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sheltered Animals

Sheltered animals have a special place in my heart.  My first pet was a dog from the Joplin Humane Society in 1984.  I got him for my 9th birthday.  I named him Killer.

Killer was a small, white dog, who was as sweet as could be.  The name didn't match his personality.  He was full grown and I don't know how old we was.  Killer was the best dog I have ever had.

Killer couldn't fetch a stick or ball.  He wouldn't stay when told.  About all he could do is sit and beg.  Killer was the best dog not because of what he could or couldn't do.  He was the best dog because he would follow me everywhere.

When I would walk to the bus stop to catch the bus.  Killer would be there.  When the bus dropped me off for home.  Killer would be there waiting for me.  Neighbors would see Killer heading to the bus stop to meet me.  If I went to a friends house.  Killer would wait outside for me.  When I went on vacation with my family.  Killer would be waiting in my driveway when I returned.

Killer was a wonderful, loving dog.  He grew old and had lost most of his eyesight and hearing before passing away nine years later.  I am thankful to have had a dog like Killer.

The next time your looking for a pet.  Please consider a shelter animal.  They're the best animals.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Negotiations with a Four-year-old

  • Remember each situation is fluid and dynamic.
  • They'll come at you with demands.
  • Every request is an opportunity.
  • Start with "no" and observe. 
  • Deep breaths. Lots of deep breathing. 
  • Call for backup before you need backup. 
  • A good response, if no fits are thrown, "let me think about it."
  • To resist the urge to answer any questions. Unless you are answering a question with a question. 
  • Handle each encounter as if it were Wet Dynamite. 
  • Tell yourself:  It's all going to be ok.

Friday, March 3, 2017


You will...

choke on joy in a dark and dank dungeon.

leap towards joy while in the jungle of doubt.

pass out wealth in small doses.

smell joy when you eat Chinese food again.

sing of renewed vitality during your summer of freedom.

inherit good looks from a good friend.

dream of happiness when squeezing the ripe tomato.

become sick from strangers in full force.

devour true love in the eye of the next storm.

taste wealth when pigs fly.

creep towards good looks if you always tell the truth.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Day Sociology Changed My Life Forever

It was the first day of Sociology 101.  The professor entered the lecture hall and wrote his name on the board, "Dr. Amonker".  He was short with a head full of dark black hair and a very thick accent.  He began to explain to the class that two people, two people that have never met before will meet for the first time in this class.  These people will fall deeply in love, get married, and will have 2.5 kids and he wants an invitation to the wedding.  Immediately, the students were giggling and looking around at each other.  It was at this time my eyes met the eyes of another.  She was sitting 2 chairs down in my row and definitely the prettiest girl in class.  I was speechless.  I never missed a day of Sociology, sat in the same seat each day, and tried to find the courage to speak to this person two chairs down from me.  I took an indirect approach and asked if she would want to study together and to my surprise, she said "yes" and the rest is history.

We did fall in love.  We did get married.  Dr. Amonker received a wedding invitation and my wife an I share wonderful 3 children.

Now, Dr. Amonker was right on just about everything but the kids.  However, 2.5 would round up to 3.  So close enough for me.

Thank you Dr. Amonker.  Your Sociology class has changed my life forever.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happiness is ...

Happiness is ...

  • seeing my children get along and support one another
  • being chill when the youngest member of the family is anything but chill
  • going to work and the class is happy you're back
  • watching students use the strategies taught in class on the test
  • going to bed early
  • calling customer service and speaking to an actual person
  • a 10-finger-woo when a classmate shares their wisdom with the class
  • getting on the scale and weighing less than the day before
  • being finished with my workout and still having time for other things
  • a state of mind